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Right here, right now

Considering how expensive frames are, I decided to make one, which got me heading toward a library. After scanning through a whole shelf of books, I selected about four or five “how to’s,” and sat by a table in a cozy corner to begin reading. Soon, I was too engrossed in my books to notice the friendly voice, “You look like you need help framing.” Untitled-1
I glanced at the man, smiled and politely declined his help. “What I need is right here in these books,” I thought to myself. After an hour or two of reading, I realized that making a frame wasn’t going to be so easy. Feeling a little discouraged, I decided to go home. As I was leaving, I happened to walk by the man and notice his large bag … he was carrying frames. I turned back and asked him about the frames and soon went home with a bag of beautiful frames I’d got at a dirt cheap rate.
This small incident made me realize the need of being in the moment. I was so engrossed in my books at first that I missed the opportunity standing right before me … a guy willing to sell his frames for a great price, which was just what I needed.
I wonder how many of us miss special moments every day. Sometimes we miss the opportunity to simply enjoy because we’re too involved in our thoughts to notice the beauty of our environment, the love of our families or the peace that sits quiet in our hearts.


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