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The Perfect Synonym

Image source: by Axinia

If peace had the perfect synonym, what would it be? As I munched on Cheerios one sunny morning, I reflected on the answer for a while. I wondered what a room full of university students would say or what doctors, lawyers and writers would say. I’d imagine, they wouldn’t agree on the same term.

“Relaxation!” some overworked students would say.

“Stability!” the doctors would reply.

The lawyers would stand up and state, “Reconciliation, of course!”

Politicians may equate it to votes and shrewd maneuvering, and entrepreneurs may convince you that peace is a product that may be bought.

Musicians may lean toward the calming effect of music, and writers would say, “It’s really too complex to fit into a single synonym.”

Maybe it isn’t that complicated. Peace is more than an abstract word. It’s a state, a happening… a sort of nectar I enjoyed one sunny morning as I slipped into… meditation. There’s the perfect synonym…


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The Harmonium, a South East Asian Instrument

“Music is the language of the soul,” reads an inscription on a wall at the MIM in Phoenix. The roughly 180,000 square foot museum features musical instruments from around the globe, a first of its kind in the U.S.

From ornate stringed instruments of the east to rustic drums of Africa and South America, the museum seems to unite one of man’s oldest passions—music. Despite the varied shapes and sizes of the instruments, a melody or rhythm is possible. As I studied the collection, I wondered if the instruments perhaps mirrored the ┬ádiversity in our human race. With so many nationalities, races, religions and philosophies, human beings certainly have their share of variety too. Yet, our differences don’t seem to orchestrate a melodic tone. Instead, our ways have collided and clashed throughout history, bringing chaos and war instead of unity. Fine tuning our instruments to the rhythm of our spirits may be the key to our oneness. If music really emanates from the soul and has managed to tie an aspect of our lives, perhaps we still have to touch the high notes that’ll bind us all together forever.

Try a little soul searching at the MIM in North Phoenix www.themim.org :

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