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No Problems

I grew up with plenty of adventure. Oftentimes I’d go hiking with my friends in thick forests, sometimes following a winding path to a river and at other times running downhill in search of blackberry bushes. Blackberry season was a favorite time of year. The berries were out of the world! We didn’t seem to mind the harsh thorns on those bushes. We’d bear all the pricks and scratches just to get to those delicious berries.

Years later, I moved to Phoenix, but I couldn’t stop dreaming about those berries. Then I met a proud old rancher. He looked more like a cowboy to me. I watched him work hard at his ranch- waking at the break of dawn, cleaning stables, welding fences, exercising his horses and so on. He too seemed to bear all the workload just to see the fruits of his love—happy horses. I must admit my lack of passion for horses even though, back in the day, my mother had won many championships. But I do admire the old cowboy, for he looks past his daily problems and simply enjoys his passion.

Recently, I observed some men shouting at each other in a political debate. They had lost their main focus. They seemed to be entangled in a bush of thorny emotions such as anger, deceit and revenge. They toiled exhaustively, arguing and counter arguing all the issues on their table.  The debate led nowhere and their goal was far away. I can’t say I haven’t wasted my time brooding over irrelevant matters too. Whether someone has been unfair or unkind, the goal has never been to focus on that. The goal has been to enjoy myself wherever I am. I think of the cowboy, and I think of the berries. I guess I can shrug of those uncomfortable nicks and scratches for a taste of joy.


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